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  • Could Retailers Sell
    Could Retailers Sell More by “Selling” Less?

    Retail Sales. Those two words conjure up images of slick used car salesmen or high pressure boiler room tactics just to lure you into buying whatever I’m selling. Cue scene of Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross giving his “motivational speech” about A-B-C. Retail IT solutions seem to be hyper-focused on the act of selling—upsell, cross-sell, bundling, dynamic promotions, customer lifetime value, market segmentation, units per transaction, conversion rate, etc.

  • Online Grocery Business Pain Points
    Five Pain Points Online Grocery Business Need To Focus On

    Purchasing power is steadily skewing towards Millennials and Gen Xers and so are customer experiences. These social media influenced, smartphone toting generations have distinct shopping behaviors that are a clear departure from those of the previous generations. They’ve grown up in a digital world and they have made their preference for online shopping pretty clear.

  • High Ticket Retailing Software Solutions
    A Complete Guide to High Ticket Retailing Software Solutions

    A high ticket retail website plays an imperative role to boost the reputation of the business and to simplify the day today business handling process for the retailers. The software solution is specially designed for retailers who can make use of the online platform to outreach customers and solve their product related queries. A well-designed and informative ticket retailing software are a crucial part of the businesses, as it helps to keep in constant touch with the customers and gain the attention of new users.

  • touchless instore buying
    Winning formula for “the new retail normal” where consumers adopt more delivery, curbside and touchless instore buying
    Rapidly shifting buying behavior: With the COVID-19 pandemic entrenched in our daily lives, the world as we knew it before the virus has been inexorably changed, perhaps forever. We have a new term in our vocabulary – social distancing – which has governed nearly every facet of our lives.


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