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Seamlessly Integrating Retail Online and Offline
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Increased Sales and Revenue
Increased Sales
and Revenue
Operational Efficiency
 Improve Profitability
Competitive Edge

SAP Retail Software: End-to-end Business Management

SimpleRetail is an AI-powered digital store and consumer experience platform that is driving the future of retail. Our intelligent solution helps retailers deliver a superior shopping experience while building efficiencies across channels. SimpleRetail is uniquely positioned to address evolving retail challenges as businesses integrate brick-and-mortar stores with their digital retail stores and eCommerce.

Supporting Retailers Across Industries

Our unified, microservices architecture based platform enables you to design an omnichannel shopping experience with features like superior curbside pickup, home delivery, and touchless in-store buying experiences that drive sales and profitability. Unlike other retail POS or eCommerce software, we partner with you across the spectrum - right from providing inventory management and order fulfillment tools at a store-associate level to data-driven insights for business-level decisions. With an eye on optimization and improving systemic efficiencies, we make your technology investment go further.

Why SimpleRetail Software Solutions

A seamless shopping experience that delights customers and brings back the joy of shopping, while enabling you to drive the next wave of growth. Use our Plug and Play modular approach to choose a customized solution for your business.


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